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Skill "G" Nigeria

We have been on the front line of the educational development in Nigeria for more than
20 years.

Skill “G” Nigeria Limited is one of the leading companies in the promotion of Science and Technology Education in Nigeria and beyond, incorporated on 25 July 1991. Its vision of Science and Technology promotion and enhancement in Schools has been ongoing for more than 20 years. Read More

Primary Schools
Secondary Schools
College of Education
Federal Polytechnics
Federal Universities
Technical Colleges
Technical Colleges
Teachers, lecturers, instructors, and technicians trained

Instructional Materials

Neulog Sense Make Engineering and Technology
Mechatronics Training System Engineering and Technology
Robotic System Engineering and Technology
Basic Com. Training System Engineering and Technology
Suspension Simulator Engineering and Technology
Transmission Simulator Engineering and Technology
Microscope Primary Science Kit
Steam Cannon Secondary Science Kit
Vocational Equipment Technical & Vocational
Microscope with Batteries Secondary Science Kit
Solar Energy Secondary Science Kit

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Projects Portfolio

We have implemented projects across all level of education.

World Bank/Ekiti State Government Technical & Vocational Education Project: Renovation, re-equipping and upgrading of 5 State Government Technical Colleges to Entrepreneurial/Skill Acquisition Centres. Training & capacity building.

World Bank/Ekiti State Project ---

Osun State Government Technical & Vocational Education Project: Renovation, re-equipping and upgrading of 9 State Government Technical Colleges. Training & capacity building.

Osun State Project ---

Nigeria/UNESCO Special Science Project: TETFUND Sponsored; Deployment of Science kits to selected Secondary Schools, Technical Colleges , Colleges of Education and Universities in all the States across Nigeria and training of teachers and lecturers accordingly.

Nigeria/UNESCO Project ---

Nigerian Government/NNPC Special Intervention Education Project: 9 Niger Delta States equipped with Science & Technology, Technical & Vocational Education equipment. LablessLAB Science kits deployed to 450 secondary schools across Nigeria.
STVET Laboratory/Workstations deployed to 9 Technical Colleges and 9 Colleges of Education across the country.
Functional Advanced Manufacturing Units deployed to 9 State University & 24 Federal Universities across the country.
Training of 500 Teachers, Lecturers, Technicians and Instructors.

Nigerian Government/NNPC Project ---

Osun State Government Science & Technology Education Improvement Project: Deployment of Micro Science Labs, Primary Science & Mathematics Kits to all the Secondary and Primary Schools in Osun State and Training of 4,728 Teachers. Establishment of Education Resource Centre.

Osun State Improvement Project ---

TETFUND/NUC Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Intervention Project: Deployment of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Educational Training Laboratories and Workshop/Equipment to 73 Universities (Federal & State Universities).

TETFUND/NUC SET Intervention Project ---

FCT Education Improvement Project: Deployment of Micro Science Kits to 100 Junior Secondary Schools.
Establishment of Education Resource Centre
Training of 300 Teachers
Monitoring and Evaluation for impact assessment.

FCT Education Improvement Project ---

NBTE (TVET) Intervention Project: Deployment and Installation of Science, Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) Equipment to 51 Federal and State Polytechnics and Training of 255 Polytechnic Lecturers.

NBTE (TVET) Intervention Project ---


What We Do

Training and capacity development and many more

Design and Fabrication of Education Instructional Material

We design and fabricate the following kits for each level of education:
1- English, Science & Mathematics Education kits (Primary & Secondary level) comprising of:
- Primary English kits
- Primary mathematics kits
- Primary science kits
- Junior secondary science kits
- Senior secondary science kits (Physics, Chemistry & Biology)
2- Technology Engineering Training (Tertiary Education) comprising of:
- Electronics/Communicaion Simulation Training System
- Aututronics Simulation Training System
- Mechatronics Simulation Training System
3- Technical and Vocational Package comprising of:
- Technical workshop equipment and workstations sourcing and installation
- Hand-on training & capacity building for technical instructors.
- Technical workshops/workstations construction and reconstruction
- Maintenance of workshops/workstations and trouble-shooting for workshop equipment.

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