Designing and Fabrication of Education Instructional Material

Our offer for science & Mathematics Education (Primary & Secondary level)
Our offer for Technology Engineering Training (Tertiary Education)
Technical and Vocational Package

Training and Capacity Building

The solution we offer in Science, Technology, Mathematics, Technical & Vocational Education is to ensure quality education and practical delivery through effective practical training, establishment of state-of-the-art educational resource Centre and supply of education instructional materials/training Equipment to Schools.

Establishment of Vocational and Skill Acquisition Centres

We bring worth to technical and vocational education in order to make it lucrative and attractive; we believe that if technical and vocational education is imparted through state-of-the-art training facilities/equipment, seasoned instructors and detailed methodology in line with international best practices, then it will turn around the fortune of any nation in due course.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

We embark on Monitoring and Evaluation of our projects to ascertain their effectiveness and to detect other areas of intervention.

Deployment of Education Instructional Materials

We deploy science & Mathematics Education instructional materials (Primary & Secondary level)​
We deploy Science, Technology and Engineering Training Equipments (Tertiary Education)​
We create Technical and Vocational Workshops and Workstations (TVET)​

Establishment of Education Resource Centre

We establish Education Resource Centre for Training, Retraining and Capacity Building for Teachers, Lecturers, Technicians and Education Officers especially the personnel of any institution we supplied out kits/equipment to or as preferred by the client. Our trainings are hands-on with the inclusion of introduction to the new methodology for effective teaching and learning. Also to serve as a Research and development institute for future career development and findings.