Project Monitoring and Evaluation

At Skill “G,” it is important to us that all of our services and projects are not only appropriately executed but that they continue to perform well for clients. In this regard, we embark on regular evaluation and monitoring of our projects, materials, and centers. We examine and evaluate each of these thoroughly to ascertain the level of effectiveness in their performance and make amendments where necessary to keep them at optimum performance. We also terminate projects where it is required and detect areas that require intervention or an upgrade. Some examples of this include:

  • Where our education resources and materials require an update regarding innovations or obsolete areas in specific topics,
  • Where it is necessary to input new technological advancements in the courses or the methodology of instruction,
  • Where a new education curriculum has been introduced.
The major idea behind monitoring and evaluation of projects and services is not only to ensure that they are successful but to keep track of the progress of the projects, identify any potential issues that may arise, or updates that may become necessary.


Project Monitoring and Evaluation


Nigeria/UNDP Project

Establishment of 250 Skill Acquisition Centres in 250 Local Government Areas across Nigeria.

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  • Sanitization of Surfaces: Surfaces prone to high usage like door handles, entry gate, pantry area, arm rests, furniture surfaces are frequently sanitized with disinfectants.
  • Staff Covid-19 training:
    The staff of the organizations were trained holistically on precautionary and safety measures. Each staff member knows what to do to guide every visitor or client in basic safety measures. More so, the workers were mandated to observe the standards themselves.
  • Mask up: This was the norm during the pandemic, but the populace easily contravened it. Hence the organization made a mandatory rule of No mask, no entry.
  • Enter with your ID: The possibilities of emergencies were considered; hence all individuals must have their ID on at all times. This allows for easy recognition and also reduces the entrance of loiterers into the organization.
  • Hygiene & Washing of hands: Staff and visitors are encouraged to wash their hands with soap before entering the organization. We further encourage the washing of hands at stipulated breaks.