…bridging knowledge and skill gap in Africa.


Our Mission

To bridge knowledge and skill gap in Africa.

Our Innovation Center

Skill “G” has established an Innovation and Fabrication Center in Abuja. Visit the center.

Our Vision

Bringing World Class Education to Africa; especially Science, Technology, Mathematics, Engineering, Technical and Vocational Education.


Skill ‘’G’’ is in the front line of education development in Nigeria. Since 1991...

Product Catalogue

We have cutting edge instructional materials for science, mathematics, engineering & vocational.


Training and Capacity development as well as impartation of vocational and entrepreneurship skills.


We have implemented projects across all levels of education.

Updates on Skill "G"

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Our system and projects are supported by internationally recognized team of researchers and academic experts in the fields of Engineering, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Maritime, Project management and Consulting.

Our Offer

Designing and Fabrication of Education Instructional Material

Our offer for science & Mathematics Education (Primary & Secondary level)​

Establishment of Vocational and Skill Acquisition Centres

We bring worth and expertise to technical and vocational education, to ensure thorough training of skillful and employable personnel and artisans. We believe that if technical and vocational education is imparted through state-of-the-art training facilities, seasoned instructors and detailed methodology in line with international best practices, then it will turn around the fortune of any nation in due course.

Training and Capacity Building

The solution we offer in Science, Technology, Mathematics, Technical and Vocational Education entails quality education delivery, through effective training and capacity of teachers, lecturers, instructors and other education stakeholders.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

We embark on Monitoring and Evaluation.

Establishment of Education Resource Centre

We establish and manage Education Resource Centre for training and capacity building of teachers, lecturers, instructors and other education stakeholders; also for research and development.

Deployment of Education Instructional Materials

We deploy science & Mathematics Education instructional materials (Primary & Secondary level)




Portofolio of Selected Projects

We have implemented several projects across Nigeria, among which are:
Micro Science kits deployed to 50 Secondary Schools and over 350 teachers were trained.
Deployment of Micro Science labs, Primary Science & Mathematics Kits to all the Secondary and Primary Schools in Osun State and Training of 4,728 Teachers.
Renovation and re-equipping of 9 State Government Technical Colleges.
Deployment of Micro Science labs, Primary Science & Mathematics Kits to 100 Junior Secondary Schools, Primary Science & Primary Maths Kits to 15 Primary Schools in the State; 500 teacher were trained as Monitoring and Evaluation was conducted for impact assessment.
Deployment of Micro Science Kits to 100 Junior Secondary Schools in FCT; 300 teacher trained and Monitoring and Evaluation conducted for impact assessment.
Deployment of Science, Engineering and Technology Educational Training Laboratories and Workshop/Equipment to 73 Universities (Federal & State Universities).
Renovation, re-equipping and upgrading of 5 State Government Technical Colleges to Entrepreneurial/Skill Acquisition Centres.


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  • Sanitization of Surfaces: Surfaces prone to high usage like door handles, entry gate, pantry area, arm rests, furniture surfaces are frequently sanitized with disinfectants.
  • Staff Covid-19 training:
    The staff of the organizations were trained holistically on precautionary and safety measures. Each staff member knows what to do to guide every visitor or client in basic safety measures. More so, the workers were mandated to observe the standards themselves.
  • Mask up: This was the norm during the pandemic, but the populace easily contravened it. Hence the organization made a mandatory rule of No mask, no entry.
  • Enter with your ID: The possibilities of emergencies were considered; hence all individuals must have their ID on at all times. This allows for easy recognition and also reduces the entrance of loiterers into the organization.
  • Hygiene & Washing of hands: Staff and visitors are encouraged to wash their hands with soap before entering the organization. We further encourage the washing of hands at stipulated breaks.